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The Last Air Jordan 12 “Wings”, Number 12,000/12,000, Appears On eBay

By April 13, 2016 Kicks No Comments

If you thought just scoring a pair of the Air Jordan 12 “Wings” made you lucky, your good fortune could have actually been even greater. Case in point: this guy with #12,000 of the 12,000 pairs. Are certain numbers of the individually numbered pairs worth more? Is #23 more valuable than say, 973? Absolutely. One of the very best numbers to have is obviously the very last, which we learn came on this size 10.5 pair that’s up for a Buy It Now price of $4,500 on eBay. If just owning any pair of the Air Jordan 12 “Wings” isn’t quite good enough for you, you can snag #12,000 right now on eBay.

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